Commercial Scaffolding in Auckland

Large-scale height projects require a team that you can rely on. A team that is efficient and skilled, prioritise safety and ensure that the project is completed within its budget and time frame. South Pacific Scaffolding is that team. South Pacific Scaffolding has a large array of commercial scaffolding projects under its belt, with a proven track record of producing work of the highest standard.

Our scaffolding services cater to the wider Auckland Region.

We invest in the best equipment to provide you with the best results

We have a large selection of equipment to ensure that the job is done correctly. Our selection includes Layher scaffolding, which is widely considered a global leader in modular scaffolding solutions. Designed and constructed in Germany, it is renowned for its flexible and robust applications and is particularly well suited to the New Zealand market. We saw it important to invest in the best quality equipment available, to ensure that we can bring faster assembly and disassembly times to the projects we work on. This means that projects can continue to move forwards at every stage of a build, minimising downtime and bringing projects to a close efficiently and safely.

Couple our range of Lahyer with our wide selection of Tube and Clip componentry, and South Pacific Scaffolding is ready to design your perfect commercial scaffolding solution. Our skills are best suited to contracts like retirement villages or refurbishment of apartments but are willing to consider any contract.

Our team is highly trained and priorities safety

When it comes to finding a company to supply scaffolding to a commercial construction project, selecting one with a proven track record and a priority for safety is imperative. A company that can supply the “bones” to your project while you rest assured that not only is everything being done efficiently and to your desired timeline, but safely and securely. South Pacific Scaffolding has an immaculate safety record over the last 25 years. Our team is highly competent, well trained and are regularly drug tested. Our company has a heavy focus on constant upskilling of our personnel. All these factors culminate in the assurance that you can relax knowing full well that your commercial project is in safe hands.