Commercial and Building Scaffolding

Auckland has an ever-expanding cityscape. As New Zealand’s largest city continues to extend its boundaries and build out its infrastructure, it is only natural that there is an increasing demand for commercial building and development. While the pace at which this growth is occurring seems to be exponential, it is important that safety and quality are not sacrificed in the pursuit of a fast turnaround. All the correct safety measures still need to be kept in place throughout the building process. While maintaining safety procedures throughout the entire project is vital, erecting and maintaining proper scaffolding and shrink wrapping systems are paramount to ensuring the safety of all workers on site. From choosing the correct scaffolding system that is suitable for each project and using an expert team to put it in place, to building shrink wrapping encapsulations and maintaining regular safety checks and procedures to keep make sure the project goes forward without any delays, South Pacific Scaffolding is Auckland’s industry-leading team for providing high quality and efficient scaffolding solutions.
Commercial Building Scaffolding Services

Every building project is unique.There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to commercial building projects. Every project poses its own set of challenges and hurdles to overcome. It takes a skilled team to create and execute a plan that addresses each project’s needs. This is why South Pacific Limited is more than just a scaffolding rental company, we offer strategies and solutions that enhance your project, create an environment that fosters speed and efficiency, while never cutting any corners in keeping everyone on the worksite safe and the project adhering to all safety regulations. We’ve built our reputation over decades with 100s of projects under our belt to provide these industry-leading scaffolding solutions for commercial building projects.

No matter the size or complexity, South Pacific Scaffolding has the team and the tools to get the job done.

Commercial Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a means of ensuring that optimal efficacy and build speed can be achieved with your scaffolding. By encapsulating the worksite in polythene sheets, South Pacific Scaffolding creates the perfect environment for construction to commence. Without shrink wrapping, your building schedule is at the mercy of Auckland’s ever-changing climate – it’s known as the city with four seasons in a day for a reason! Shrinkwrapping allows sites to be made water-resistant and weather tight. This means that come rain or shine, work can go on uninterrupted, allowing your project to stick to its build schedule, and therefore on time and to budget.

South Pacific Scaffolding systems are highly versatile and customisable with the ability to create doors to control entry and security on the worksite with ease, windows to allow natural light into work stations, as well as ventilation and ducts for climate control. Not only does this increase work efficiency for any commercial project, but it also provides an additional level of safety and security for everyone on the site.

In the past, weatherproofing systems were awkward and cumbersome. They involved makeshift manners such as cable tying tarpaulin down and hoping for the best. Not only did this never guarantee real water resistance, but they would also often come loose and be whipped around in the wind. This had the potential to not only delay work but also had the potential to pose a major safety hazard – a loose tarpaulin flying through the worksite can cause all sorts of problems. South Pacific Scaffoldings shrink wrap systems are highly customisable, ensuring a tight fit that offers reliable weather resistance, but can also stand against even the toughest weather conditions Auckland can throw at it.

By choosing to take advantage of South Pacific Scaffolding’s scaffolding and shrink wrapping solutions, you are ensuring that your project can move along smoothly and efficiently without ever compromising on safety.

South Pacific Scaffolding are Auckland’s Industry Leading Commercial Building Scaffolding and Shrink Wrapping Specialists

South Pacific Scaffolding has over 25 years of experience providing Auckland with high quality, industry-leading, scaffolding solutions. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of buildings and a variety of settings across the construction industry. This culmination of experience has allowed us to hone our skills and methods to provide the best scaffolding and shrink wrapping solutions for almost any project. Our solution-driven mindset allows us to plan, design and execute solutions for any challenge that may come with commercial construction projects. In addition to this, South Pacific Scaffolding has garnered itself a stellar reputation for safety, as our strong focus on regulations and training allows us to foster a safe worksite for all parties involved.

If you have a commercial construction project that requires a highly experienced team to provide you with the best scaffolding and shrink wrapping solutions possible, don’t hesitate. Get in contact with the team at South Pacific Scaffolding today to discuss your project.