Other Services in Auckland

Rubbish chutes

SPSL can provide and install ‘Geda’ commercial rubbish chutes. These are lightweight, low noise flexible chutes that are ideal for serving both residential and commercial sites.

The generous dump hopper width allows easy emptying of wheelbarrows. Special clamps designed for window openings or parapet walls permit use of the Geda rubbish chute when scaffolding is not used. Ideal for refurbishment works. Enables protection to areas in use during construction.

Keder roof

The Layher Keder roof system is a lightweight weatherproof enclosure (using an aluminium modular truss system) that can be assembled in clear spans of up to 18m without a crane, and larger spans if lifting equipment can be used. In conjunction with Keder rails for the wall covering, the entire structure can also be expanded into lightweight temporary building.

Possible applications vary widely and include covering buildings while extra storeys are added, repair of roof trusses and re-roofing, weatherproofing for construction sites, for refurbishment sites on motorways and over bridges, and many other possible uses at events and festivals.

Keder roof systems can provide monopitch roof systems as well as the traditional gable. Spans of up to 24m have been achieved.

Marine scaffolding

SPSL has serviced the New Zealand Navy for over 15 years and has scaffolded virtually every vessel in the fleet.

As well as the Navy, we service a wide range of private vessels from smaller pleasure yachts, fishing boats and industrial vessels to the larger super yachts.


Birdcage scaffolds are self-supported strictures standing independent from the building. They are often used for an extensive work area with roofing and maintenance work, normally at a single level but can be multi-level.

We can construct birdcage scaffolds using Layher Allround and Speedyscaf systems, or with traditional tube and clip technology.

Stair towers and access ways can be incorporated to ensure safe and efficient worker movement within and around the birdcage scaffold.


To support our range of scaffolding, we can provide propping systems using traditional acrow props or alternatively utilising Layher’s Allround scaffolding.

Allround makes an ideal propping system having extremely high strengths and versatility.

Mobile commercial scaffolding

We can supply scaffold towers and work platforms that stand on locking castor wheels. Mobile scaffolds are ideal for small to medium scale projects, especially for painting, glazing, roofing and guttering.

Mobile scaffolds are often used for jobs completed in sections by small teams. We can install fixed and mobile scaffolding to provide an optimum configuration for safety and efficiency.

Custom-built mobiles with spans of up to 17m have been achieved.

Layher scaffolding systems

Layher is the world leader in design and manufacture of scaffolding equipment. German engineered we ensure Layher is the only proprietary system we use.

Being lighter, more versatile and engineered to a higher standard than any of its competitors ensures your job will be completed safer and quicker than others using lesser equipment.