Shrink Wrapping in Auckland

When it comes to protecting and covering buildings and work sites, shrink wrapping is both convenient and effective. It provides an efficient way to ensure that the elements are kept at bay, allowing projects to be completed on time without delays.
What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a weather-resistant polythene material that is highly durable. It is widely used on construction and renovation sites as it acts as protection against our unpredictable New Zealand weather, allowing work to be continued safely even through our rainiest months. Gone are the days of trying to set up heavy tarpaulins that are cumbersome to tie down, tend to flap around, and are prone to leak. Additionally, shrink wraps allow natural light into a worksite, allowing workers not only a more pleasant work environment to operate in, but a safer one too.

Shrink wrap can come equipped with zipper doors, windows, and ventilation ducts, meaning that you can customise it to your site.

What are the benefits of shrink wrap?
  • Weatherproof – Make sure that projects are finished on time, come rain or shine.

  • Safety – Not only does shrink wrap keep workers safe from the elements, a shrink wrapped construction or renovation site is also easier to keep safe from unauthorised people entering a site as it limits the access points..

  • No Delays – Shrink wrap allows projects to stay to their timeline without having to adjust time frames due to unexpected weather conditions..

  • Cost Saving -Shrink wrap is simple and effective to set up, with a range of customisable options, protects sites from any potential damage, and by keeping everything running on time ensure everything runs to budget too.

South Pacific Scaffolding has a wide range of versatile shrink wrapping services, being able to cater to jobs as large as 10,000 m2. As with every other service South Pacific Scaffolding offers, our team is highly trained and only uses the highest quality materials and equipment for your project.