Daylights saving has arrived!

As this seasonal time change begins, please remember that it may take a little while for some workers to acclimatize to the change in time, whereas other people may adjust to the change with ease.

If your workers fall into the former category, it is your job as an employer to ensure you have a ” Duty of Care” policy in place, around their safety and well being.
Although it is only an hour time difference, it can cause sleep deprivation in some workers, due to the disruption in their circadian rhythm. Please ensure you keep an eye out for signs of fatigue within your team, and staff.




To give you all a bit of advanced warning, and to ensure our team has an enjoyable break to recharge their batteries, our hours over the holiday season are below:

Closing: 3.30pm 20th December 2019.
Open: 8am on Monday 6th January  2020.



Jarrod Radcliffe
General Manager



Congratulations to Colin Pattison, our newest qualified Class 2 driver on the team.
Well done on your achievements Colin.

Here at South Pacific Scaffolding, We like to encourage our team to up-skill, and of course celebrate there successes.


Boston Road

The Boston Rd project, based in Grafton, was an engineered scaffold and roof truss system to the main Super 6 asbestos-based roof area, for removal and replacement.
Beginning at the end of August, this has had a medium-sized crew of 8 members working on the project. Our shrinkwrapping team utilized approximately 375 SQ meters of shrinkwrap over the roof and sides, and down the front wall to ground level, and included a provision of a door at the front, to prevent water ingress on the structure. This project is still in progress.


Boston road scaffolding