Happy New Year!!

After a stunner of a break, we’d like to welcome you all to 2019!

We trust you had an enjoyable time off with friends and family, and have sufficiently charged your batteries to kick off the New Year.

To ease you back into the working year, below are a few snap shots of what our management team got up to over the Christmas break.

We will resume our regular content in our February newsletter.


Jarrod Radcliffe
General Manager


I took off to Great Barrier Islands over the holidays for a few days for some R & R. Lots of fishing , diving, and sun.


After a fun staff breakup which involved Drift Karts with the team, I headed up North to spend the week with family in a bach . Lots of fun, food, swimming – once the weather behaved!!

Then it was back to Auckland to hold down the fort with the skeleton crew. I’m already looking foward to my next break away haha .


Im still down in the Coromandel (Papa Aroha).

I headed down just before christmas,.. I should be back next week sometime… Maybe haven’t decided yet. I’ve been doing lots of fishing for snapper, as well as diving for scallops. Have had few late nights including Elvis Day, (which went longer than it should have!!) Welcome back, and see you all soon.


Welcome back!
After spending time with the family, I headed up north with my partner Zara, to see her sister who runs The Porthouse, an awesome pub in Ruakaka. Following that, we headed to our family bach in the Coromandel ( Papa Aroha ) for New Years, where we had a few drinks, and went fishing and diving. After around a week, we decided to head back to Auckland, stopping off at Kauranga Valley in Thames to walk up the Pinnacles. Once I got back to Auckland, I couldn’t have gotten on a plane ANY quicker than I did, and took off to The Chatham Islands, all while my partner had to go back to work – I owe her now!!