If you are in the planning stages for a construction project, it is important to get all your ducks in a row as early as possible. Getting accurate quotes on all the different factors that must come together seamlessly is your first step in ensuring there are no surprises that can stress your budget. One of the major considerations that need to be considered is the cost of scaffolding for your project. Scaffolding is literally the skeleton for most construction projects, and this important factor is going to have a significant effect on the overall cost of your construction project. Because of this, knowing how to get a quote on scaffolding is going to play an important role in the planning stages of your project.

When getting in contact with scaffolding contractors, there are a few pieces of key information you will need to provide when getting quotes on scaffolding.

Firstly, the duration of time you will need the scaffolding for will set up your base price. This will most likely have the biggest impact on the price of the quote, because ultimately every other factor is multiplied by the length of time that is required. This usually means you will need an expected completion date for your project.

The next consideration is the height of the scaffolding that is required. Scaffolding over 5 meters in height falls under specific regulations in accordance with New Zealand law. These regulations require specialised equipment and personnel. This means you will need to know your project in detail, because this information sheds light on what levels, walkways and which gaps that need to be bridged are going to be present in the project.

Finally, access is determined by two different factors. Firstly, if your scaffolding is going to restrict public access by being placed on a public road or footpath, you will require permission from Auckland City Council. This application will involve a cost. The second form of access that needs to be kept in mind is the ease of access for the scaffolding company to get the frame up. If it is required to get the scaffolding through tight passages, hallways, or egresses, the set up and take down cost will be directly affected.

At the end of the day, while it pays to have all these factors in mind when approaching a scaffolding company, it takes an expert eye to truly provide an accurate quote for your project. There are many nuances in determining the best scaffolding solution for your project and having experience is the only way that these can be accounted for. This is particularly true when the solution breaks the mould of a traditional scaffolding set-ups. This is why South Pacific Scaffolding offers a free site visit to provide an accurate quote for your project. Getting the experts involved from the start helps you envision your costs across the project accurately, rather than applying a ballpark figure and hoping for the best. To book your site visit and get the gears turning on your next construction project, get in contact with the expert team at South Pacific Scaffolding today!