Welcome to our February newsletter.

This month we focus on training within the workplace and getting to know our scaffolders.

During the hotter summer months, we’d like to reiterate our message on how imperative it is to speak with your team regularly on Health and Safety issues .

Make sure your team are well hydrated, have adequate sun protection available to them, a full range of appropriate PPE gear, and are mindful of heat fatigue symptoms within their own groups, to ensure a zero incident rate.

We want everyone to get home safe – every day.


Jarrod Radcliffe
General Manager


Being involved in a trade means the difference between having a job and a career.

Training within Industries means room for growth and expansion of employee knowledge, climbing up the career ladder and striving for success within your chosen field.

Investing your time into employee training is crucial, as they are more likely to feel valued if they are invested in and therefore less likely to change employers. Training and development is viewed as an additional company benefit and recruitment costs reduce due to a higher staff retention rate.
Staff training doesn’t just have to take the form of off site courses, it can involve:

On-the-job learning
Mentoring schemes
In-house training
Individual study

Training programs allow you to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve on.

A development plan brings all employees to a higher level where they all have similar skills and knowledge, which will ultimately help reduce any weak links within the company. Providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledgeable staff board with employees who can take over for other staff members through absences etc, or work independently without the need for supervision from others.

Productivity can generally grow when a company implements training courses. Ongoing training and upskilling can also encourage creativity. New ideas are often found after training, which can increase problem solving skills within the team as well, resulting in a more efficiently run job site or project.


Tukaha, 17, is one of our youngest crew members, and has been at South Pacific Scaffolding for approximately 18 months.

Tukaha was enrolled with the Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Service ( TYMS), after he left school at 16, and found himself doing a certificate in building. Tukaha was determined to work, and to work hard. After completing his certificate, he spoke with an entrusted member of TYMS (and second Mum), Nicole, who mentioned there was an opening at South Pacific Scaffolding for a Yardie, with potential to grow. He applied and was successful.

Tukaha says that his favourite part of being in the SPSL team is definitely the interesting mix of people he has met, the variety of jobs he has participated in, and the sense of accomplishment he feel at the end of each week. Some stand out projects for him are Margan Ave , in New Lynn , that was “by far the fastest I’ve ever help put up a job”.

Also Buckley Ave, Hobsonville ” That was my first time working on a job from start to finish” and then Saint Benedicts St, Eden Terrace ” which was the first job site I was sent to, the first scaffold I had ever worked on” .

Tukaha adds how he enjoys the family culture of South Pacific Scaffolding, how everyone looks out for one another and how its cool to work in a place where you are constantly encouraged and commended on your work.

Toby Redwood-Bennett, 17 (Left) and Brandon Moase, 27,(Right) , assisting Tukaha Tainui, 17, (above) to load up an order going to site. Toby and Brandon will be the teams newest trainees for Heights and Harness work.